Topic By Topic Questions: Canadian Citizenship Test

Here you will find Canadian citizenship exam questions by topic. Questions have been extracted from the latest Discover Canada book and collected by topic so that you can practice questions from one specific area at a time. Our Topic-by-topic practice test is by far THE BEST possible preparation for your Canadian citizenship test.

Chapter 1: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Rights & Freedoms
The Rights of a Canadian Citizen
The Equality of Women and Men
Citizenship Responsibilities
Defending Canada

Chapter 2: Who We Are

Who We Are
Aboriginal Peoples
Unity in Diversity
English and French
Becoming Canadian
Diversity in Canada

Chapter 3: Canada’s History

Aboriginal peoples
The First Europeans
Exploring a river, naming Canada
Royal New France
Struggle for a continent
The province of Quebec
A tradition of accommodation
United empire loyalists
The beginnings of Democracy
Abolition of slavery
A growing economy
The War of 1812: The fight for Canada
Rebellions of 1837–38
Responsible government
Dominion from Sea to Sea
Canada’s first prime minister
Challenge in the west
A Railway from Sea to Sea
Moving Westward
The First World War
Women get the vote
Between the wars
The D-Day invasion, June 6, 1944
The Second World War

Chapter 4: Modern Canada

Trade and economic growth
International engagement
Canada and Quebec
A Changing Society
Arts and culture in Canada
Great Canadian Discoveries and Inventions

Chapter 5: How Canadians Govern Themselves

Federal state
Parliamentary democracy
Constitutional monarchy
Making laws

Chapter 6: Federal Elections

Canadians vote in elections
Secret ballot
After an election
Voting procedures
Other levels of government in Canada

Chapter 7: The Justice System

Canadian justice system
Getting legal help

Chapter 8: Canadian Symbols

The Canadian Crown
Flags in Canada
The maple leaf
The fleur-de-lys
Coat of arms and motto
Parliament buildings
Popular sports
The Beaver
Canada’s official languages
National Anthem and Royal Anthem
The Order of Canada and other honours
The Victoria Cross
National Public Holidays

Chapter 9: Canada’s Economy

A trading nation
Three main types of industries

Chapter 10: Canada’s Regions

The Regions of Canada
The National Capital
Provinces and Territories
The Atlantic provinces
Central Canada
The Prairie Provinces
The West Coast
The Northern Territories
The Canadian Rangers