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Section 1. Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Section 2. Who We Are

Section 3. Canada’s History

Section 4.Modern Canada

Section 5. How Canadians Govern Themselves

Section 6. Federal Elections

Section 7. The Justice System

Section 8. Canadian Symbols

Section 9. Canada’s Economy

Section 10. Canada’s Regions

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Why Should One Consider The Citizenship Canadian Practice Exam Sites?

Canadian Citizenship Practice TestThis is a formal exam taken by everyone who applies for Canadian citizenship. The applicants must be aged between 18 and 54 years. Offered by Canadian immigration officials, this exam is comprised of twenty questions that the applicants must answer within half an hour. To be successful in this test, applicants need to get at least 15 questions correctly.

It is imperative to note that the formal citizenship Canadian test includes questions about the country’s geography, political system, history, values and identity, national symbols as well as the responsibilities and rights that come with a Canadian citizen.

In general, you are suitable for this exam if:

  • You are a holder of a valid Canadian permanent residency permit.
  • You have lawfully filed your taxes.
  • Out of the last five years, you have spent the last three in Canada.
  • You are aged between 18 and 54 years.
  • You have proven your language skills.

It is worth noting that there are additional obligations for:

  • People making an application for a minor.
  • Canadian citizens making an application for their adopted kids born outside the jurisdiction of Canada.
  • Current or former members of the Canadian Armed Forces making an application under the track process.
  • A Canadian citizen applying for her/his citizenship back.

For valid Canadian permanent residency holders, this test may not be suitable for you if:

  • You have been issued a removal order by Canadian immigration officials.
  • You are currently being reviewed for either immigration or fraud reasons.
  • You have unfulfilled requirements that are related to your permanent residency.

What Should You Know Before You Apply For Your Citizenship?

First and foremost, ensure you are eligible. Also, take your time to review all the documents you were given when you were declared a permanent Canadian resident. Finally, make sure you make an application for a new permanent residency card if your previous one is outdated to ensure your citizenship eligibility is intact.

And because the official Canadian citizenship test is never a simple nor straightforward exam, most applicants are always on the lookout for the best ways to boost their chances of passing this exam. One of the proven ways permanent Canadian residents can excel in this exam is by going through materials such as Discover Canada. If you were not aware, this is a highly extensive and valuable study guide that contains information on the Canadian justice system, government, the history of Canadians, and important symbols in Canada, among others. Simply put, this course will equip you with all the vital information you need to excel in your citizenship test, leaving you on the road to becoming a true Canadian citizen!

Another great way to enhance your probability of excelling in the citizenship Canadian exam is by taking the Canadian Citizenship Practice Test or exams. By sitting for the rehearsal or practice exams, you can effectively gauge your understanding and knowledge about Canada. Even though these practice questions might not be the real questions, they are a great way to review and recall whatever you read.

Can You Fail To Do The Canadian Citizenship Rehearsal Exam?

The appropriate answer to this is a definite no! If you are really serious about becoming a true Canadian citizen, you’ll have to undertake the Canadian citizenship practice test. This is simply because it offers so many potential benefits, including:

  • It makes you go through the Canadian citizenship test preparation course material: As earlier mentioned, this is a highly resourceful study guide that allows you to acquaint yourself with responsibilities and rights of Canadian citizens. What’s more, it also contains essential information regarding the geography, history, government, laws, symbols, and economy of Canada. So, reading it puts you a step closer to passing your citizenship exam.
  • It allows you to prepare for the real exam in the best way possible: These rehearsal questions are simply extracted from Discover Canada, where the real tests are also derived from. This simply implies that taking the practice exam drills you for the actual one.
  • It alleviates exam anxiety: If you always feel anxious before sitting for an exam, taking part in rehearsal tests is a great way to conquer your exam anxiety. This is because it will significantly boost your confidence both prior to and during the real exam.
  • It reinforces learning: Research has proven that repeatedly doing rehearsal exams is more effective compared to re-studying. Perhaps it is because such tests significantly boost both revision and studying.
Is It Appropriate To Participate In The Practice Exam Just Once?

No, it’s not! If you didn’t know, it could be a daunting and intimidating task to grasp and master information read in Discover Canada on your first attempt. As previously noted, this guidebook contains numerous topics and virtually everything needed at your disposal to get past the Canadian citizenship exam. This means that it is very difficult to master all the topics in one or even tenth attempt!

Remember, you must get 75% of the questions right to pass this test. It is worth noting that if you don’t pass it during the initial attempt but you still meet the other citizenship requirements, the Canadian immigration professionals will book you for another exam.

The second test is usually conducted one to two months after the first one. Of course, it may take a fairly long period. But what if you fail this second exam?

If you fail your next exam, you’ll receive a notification from the officials requiring you to avail yourself for a meeting with a designated citizenship official. This official hearing usually lasts between 30 minutes and one and a half hours. For flexibility, applicants can attend this meeting either through video conference or physically.

The hearing is usually used to gauge your understanding of the Canadian language, culture, among others. And if you fail your second exam, the officials will now reject your application! However, you are free to make another application.

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Visit us and update yourself with the latest Canadian citizenship exam rehearsal questions.

As earlier said, it is nearly impossible to fail your citizenship exam three times if you take the initiative to do the practice exams and familiarize yourself with what the real test looks like. We provide free practice tests, allowing you to conquer your fears and face the actual exam with unrivaled confidence!

Each Canadian citizenship practice test boasts ten separate sections that contain 25 questions. It is also important to mention that the questions asked are selected from all the topics found in the Discover Canada course material. They also vary in terms of difficulty. And like discover Canada, users can download the exams on their smartphones, portable audio player, computers, or tablets