Start Your Canadian Citizenship Practice Test

Section 1. Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Section 2. Who We Are

Section 3. Canada’s History

Section 4.Modern Canada

Section 5. How Canadians Govern Themselves

Section 6. Federal Elections

Section 7. The Justice System

Section 8. Canadian Symbols

Section 9. Canada’s Economy

Section 10. Canada’s Regions

Can You Pass Your Citizenship Test Without Taking a Canadian Citizenship Practice Test?

Yes, there are many people who pass their citizenship test in Canada without ever taking a practice test. However, there are also many people who fail their citizenship tests. Since the country began using a new test in 2010, the failure rate for the citizenship test has gone up to 20%. With that in mind, it’s smart to create a strong study plan for the exam with as many practical tools as work for you.

A practice test is a study tool, like flashcards. There are many people who use flashcards while they study, and are then wildly successful when they go to take an exam. There are also people who don’t use flashcards and who are also successful.

While flashcards are a study tool that works for many, they don’t offer all of the same benefits as a practice test. Taking notes and using flashcards are great ways to absorb information. Flashcards will also help test your recall.

A practice test can be used as a way to test your recall, get you used to the exam format for the citizenship test, and additionally give you a clear set of data points for moving forward.

After you take a Canadian citizenship practice test, you’ll be able to see which questions you answered correctly and which you missed. You can take the missed tests and get clear information on what areas you already know and which areas you need to study further.

This lets you make your study time more effective. Moving forward, you can spend more time using your flashcards that cover the Canadian economy once you know that this is an area you’re struggling with and less time on the history of the country since you know you passed all of those questions on your practice exam.

By being able to see clearly where you’re at, you’ll be better prepared on test day. You’ll also use your study time more effectively.

This will combine to give you more confidence.

What To Expect From Your Citizenship Practice Test

Citizenship TestIf you go searching, you can find random citizenship practice tests online. Some of them charge you, some of them are free. But it’s hard to know what you should look for if you’ve never taken one before. You should have some clear expectations on what a quality practice test is so you’re using the right tools and not wasting your time.

The first quality to look for is a test that uses the Discover Canada book issued by the Canadian government as its source material. The website should say this somewhere on it.

You should also look for a citizenship practice test that uses a similar format to the real exam. This means they ask questions from the Discover Canada book in multiple-choice and true or false question formats.

Ideally, your practice test should be something you can use when it’s convenient for you. There should be more than one practice test available on the website. The website should be easy for you to use and free to use.

What To Expect When You Use Practice Tests

When you use a practice test, you can expect to discover more about what you know so far.

Taking the real Canadian citizenship test, you may be nervous. When you take the practice exam, you’ll be able to test your knowledge in a low-pressure environment. This can help you gain confidence when test day actually comes.

While a quality practice test won’t have the same questions you’ll see on the real exam, they will be similarly worded, formatted, and use the same source material. This means you’ll be mentally and emotionally prepared to take the real thing.

What Do You Need To Know Before Your Canadian Written Citizenship Test?

The questions on the citizenship test all come from the study guide “Discover Canada”. Absolutely anything inside this guide may come up on the actual test. This book covers a wide range of topics, including the history, economy, geography, laws, government, and symbols of Canada.

The Canadian citizenship test only takes thirty minutes. There are twenty questions on the test. To pass the actual exam, you will need to answer 15 of the 20 questions correctly. The questions are in both multiple-choice and true or false question format.

The test may be in either English or French. Typically, this is a written test. If your language skills aren’t adequate in writing but are better orally, you can elect to have an oral citizenship exam.

Before test day, the office will send you a letter in the mail. This letter will have information on the location and time for your exam. When you filled out your application, if you included an email address, this information may come to your email address instead of your mailing one. You will need to check your spam folder regularly while you are waiting to receive your notice with your test time and place.

Try For Accurate, Free Practice Test Question

For a quality resource to help you pass your Canadian citizenship test, you’ll want to check out This website has a full course of resources available free online. Once you setup a free account, you can always find your saved spot in their course to help you pick up right where you left off.

You can use the site on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. This makes it easy to study when you’re ready to in whatever way works for you.

The course includes quizzes, animations, and the ability to easily take notes while you study. Without this website, you’re on your own to read through Discover Canada and create your own study materials. This can be overwhelming. If you’re preparing to take the Canadian citizenship test, can help support you along the journey. It makes preparing for the citizenship test a lot easier because it outlines a course for you.

If you’re ready to become a Canadian citizen, visit for the citizenship practice tests you need to help you pass the exam on the first try.