Who Has To Take The Canadian Citizenship Test?

Canada is an excellent country. It not only has friendly citizens, but it also has a community that embraces cultural diversity and creates a unified and harmonious living. However, you need to sit for the Canadian Citizenship test for smooth integration in the Canadian community.


Eligibility for the Canadian Citizenship Test

Take The Canadian Citizenship TestTo take the Canadian citizenship test, you should first meet the basic requirements and satisfy the set eligibility conditions. That includes:

  • Being a permanent resident of Canada
  • Know how to write and speak in French or English
  • Has lived in Canada for 3 years (1095 days) in the last 5 years
  • No criminal records
  • Have been filing your tax returns on time


Facts about the Canadian Citizenship test

The Canadian citizenship test consists of 20 questions derived from the Discover Canada guidebook. It is generally a written test and you can be asked questions on subjects such as Canadian cultural and social history, values, identity, and symbols. The test will also cover Canadian physical geography, political history, including the political institutions and systems as well as election procedures. Besides, you might also be asked about the responsibilities and rights protected by Canadian law.

The test is conducted in English or French and you will have 30 minutes to complete the test. The questions come in 4 multiple choice answers where one is correct. You might also find false or true questions on the paper. The passing score is 75% (15 out of the 20 questions), but if you fail, the IRCC will schedule a retest in 4-8 weeks.

Important notes: the Canadian citizenship test questions have very similar answers and it can be challenging to choose the correct one. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to study thoroughly and practice with online practice tests to help you to pick the right answer among similar choices. Since the online practice tests cover the same material from the study guide, they can also prepare you mentally and help you gain self-confidence.

Who Has To Take The Canadian Citizenship Test?

Specific groups of people have to take the Canadian citizenship test and they include:

Permanent residents– permanent residents who aspire to become Canadian nationals and have met the eligibility requirements have to sit for the test.

Age 18-54– if you’re between the ages of 18 and 54 on the day you apply for Canadian citizenship, sitting for the citizenship test is mandatory to gain nationality. However, your eligibility will be verified before the test.

Retaining citizenship– anyone applying to retain their citizenship will be required to take the test.

Partners and spouses– Canada does not offer an automatic right to citizenship for partners and spouses of Canadian nationalities. They’ve to apply for citizenship, meet the eligibility criteria and sit for the Canadian citizenship test.

Are There Exceptions In Sitting For The Canadian Citizenship Test?

Not everyone has to take the Canadian citizenship test. The exceptions include:

Above 55 years– you do not have to take the Canadian citizenship test if you’re above 55 years at the time of applying. But if you turn 55 years as the application is being processed, you’ll still have to sit for the test.

Minors under 18 years-born by a Canadian parent or a permanent resident applying for citizenship at the time.

Why You Have to Sit and Pass the Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian citizenship test is a step closer to your goal of becoming a Canadian citizen. It’s an essential way to ensure that you can participate fully and maximize opportunities available for Canadians. So, permanent residents who desire to obtain Canadian nationality need to take and pass the citizenship test to prove that:

  • You have basic communication skills
  • You understand what it means in becoming a Canadian citizen
  • You have enough knowledge of Canada as a nation and the privileges that come with being a citizen
Bottom Line

Becoming a Canadian citizen means that you’re devoted to the country and everything it stands for. It also proves that you understand the Canadian people, identity, values, and beliefs. Even so, the Canadian citizenship test is a mandatory rite of passage for eligible candidates who wish to become nationalities. Therefore, ensure that you’re well-prepared to sit and ace your test.