Can You Pass The Canadian Citizenship Test?

Pass Citizenship TestYou’ve finally received the notice to appear to sit for your citizenship test. Typically, after obtaining the minimum criteria necessary to become a Canadian, a citizenship test will be the last step of the process. The test allows you to demonstrate that you satisfactorily know Canada as well as the rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen. However, everything can be futile if you fail the Canadian citizenship test, and hence it is crucial to prepare well and pass the test.

Understanding the Canadian Citizenship Test?

To pass the test, you should first know what to expect in the Canadian citizenship test. It covers various subjects and topics including:

  • The facts and ideas in Discover Canada
  • The country’s identity, values, history, geography, national symbols, and political system
  • The responsibilities and rights of being a Canadian citizen

The Canadian citizenship test is administered in either French or English. For you to pass, you should answer 15 out of the 20 questions (75%) correctly. The answers will be in 4 multiple choices with only one answer correct. But, some questions might have an option to answer true or false. You will be instructed on how to highlight the correct answer depending on the answer sheet given.

Can You Pass The Canadian Citizenship Test?

Many candidates applying for the test always ask this question, can I pass the Canadian citizenship test? Here are ways you can prepare and ace your Canadian citizenship test:

Study the guide

Questions on the Canadian citizenship test are derived from the Discover Canada study guide that IRCC offers for free. The IRCC recommends the study book as the primary source of information. So, ensure that you study it thoroughly a few weeks before sitting for the test. You can read it online or download it for free in e-book format or PDF. An audiobook in the mp3 version is also available for those who want to listen. Besides, you can request a physical copy to be sent by mail.

Enroll in a citizenship review class

A citizenship review class can help you understand the information in the study guide. Many immigration centers offer free review classes and discussion groups. Community centers, settlement agencies, and English as Second Language programs also offer citizenship review classes. So, if there are parts of the study guide you do not fully understand, these review classes give you the chance to discuss pointers with other candidates or instructors as well as ask questions. A typical review class takes 2 hours a week and hence you don’t have to be worried if you’re working on a tight-schedule job.

Practice with online tests

Practice tests allow you to assess your level of knowledge about Canada. They offer an insight into how the questions will be structured during the test. Besides, many websites with online practice tests provide coaching support. That can be crucial for applicants who want to pass the citizenship test but do not have ample time to prepare for it. Remember that if you find you can get most of the questions right on the Canadian citizenship practice test, it could be an indicator that you can pass the actual one.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep before the test can cause you stress. High levels of stress might spike up your nerves and cause doubtfulness while answering the questions you’ve worked hard to pass. Thus, you should get enough sleep to calm your nervousness and be prepared to pass your citizenship test.

Answer all questions

Typically, the test will take 30 minutes to complete. Ensure that you read and understand the queries before answering them. If you come across a difficult question, move to the next to avoid wasting time. Once you’re done with everything else, answer any questions that you may have skipped. Remember that answering all the questions to your best capability will increase your chances of passing your Canadian Citizenship test.

Bonus Tips

As soon as you receive the notice to sit for the test, notify your local IRCC office if you need any special accommodations, for instance, Braille or large print format or wheelchair access.

Suppose you’re unable to attend the Canadian Citizenship test appointment, you should write to IRCC explaining your reasons. The IRCC can reschedule your appointment, but if you don’t write to them or your explanation for missing the test is unreasonable, your application might be revoked.

The Takeaway

The more information you get and the more committed you’re understanding it, the higher your chances of passing the Canadian Citizenship test. Study and practice efficiently everything on the study guide and be fully prepared to ace the test and enjoy the Canadian citizenship rights and responsibilities.