Taking Your Citizenship Test? 7 Tips to Ace It

Sitting for the Canadian citizenship exam can be stressful as it puts a lot of pressure on learners to perform well. However, knowing how to prepare effectively will help you relax and breezed through your exams.

Nailing the test allows you the opportunity to become a true Canadian and enjoy all the privileges of citizenship, including the right to vote, acquire a Canadian passport, and being able to apply for job opportunities reserved only for Canadian citizens. So, let’s get down to essential tips that will have you focused and better prepared for the exam.

Familiarize Yourself With What You Need To Know

Ace Your Citizenship TestDuring the Canadian citizenship written test, you’ll be asked questions to evaluate your level of proficiency in the English language and assess your knowledge of the Canadian culture, government, civics, history, and more. Some of the subjects that you should expect to be covered on the test include:

  • The freedoms, rights, and duties of Canadian citizens
  • Canadian geography (both physical and political)
  • Taking part in Canadian society
  • Canadian culture and history
  • Democracy
  • Canadian symbols
  • The Canadian political system
  • The Monarchy
  • Branches of government

Read The Study Guide From Page To Page

Nothing can compare to studying straight from the source material. All the written test questions come from the official study guide “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.” You can access this guide through the following ways:

  • Read online
  • Order a printed copy
  • Get a copy by downloading the eBook or pdf version
  • Download and Listen to the MP3 version.

Regardless of the format that you use for your studies, you ought to read the guide from page to page to gain an in-depth understanding of Canada’s general topics. You can schedule a time to read and revise the PDF and listen to the audio when you want to review your lessons in your free time.

Do Not Multitask While Studying

Avoid any disruption when studying the pdf guide by setting aside enough time in advance, preferably in the morning, and following through. For many people, this means going into a study room and turning off any visual/auditory distractions, such as Facebook, iPods, and music with lyrics.

You can also find a study buddy, and this can be a relative, friend, or another person who will also be taking the test. Have review classes with them where they ask you questions and discuss topics that you don’t understand clearly. Think of this as a free class!

Use Every Opportunity To Prepare

Yes, it’s tempting to stream that new season of your favorite show when you got some free time, but not today. Listening to the audios, taking practice tests, and practicing your English is a much better way of using your free time than binging on videos and movies. You’ll have plenty of time when you become a Canadian citizen–don’t overdo it, though.

Besides, combining watching, reading, and listening techniques will train your brain to react to different stimuli, thus improving your chances of remembering what you’ve learned when the exam day comes. Also, you’ll be improving your knowledge of the English language without even realizing it.

Divide Your Study By Subject

The Canadian civics test contains questions on five different subjects: government, geography, history, holidays, and symbols. Study each of these subjects separately to help your brain organize this information in different “boxes,” which eases retaining them during the test.

Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!

Good habits make successful people. Aside from the random element of luck, you need to cultivate and employ certain habits to be successful. Here are a few things that will set you up for success in your Canadian citizenship test:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Begin early and space out your studying
  • Have specific goals for each study session
  • Eating healthy; not too much or too little
  • Getting consistent and enough rest when studying and even the day before the exam
  • And more…

Most Importantly, Taking Online Practice Tests

You’re likely to be more confident during the examination if you know what will be tested, and that’s where practice tests come in. They’re a replica of the official exam and can significantly help assess how well you know the content. They also help you determine your weak areas and enable you to work on them. That way, you’ll be confident that you’ve covered and understood all you need to know comes the D-day.

Let Us Help You!

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