Chapter: Canada’s History

Topic: Aboriginal peoples


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The Aboriginal People of Canada

When the European explorers first reached the land of Canada, they found that much of these regions and land areas have already been occupied by the native people. The European explorers called them “Indians” as the explorers initially thought that they have reached the East Indies. The “aboriginals” or the “Indians” indulged in activities including gathering, hunting, and raising crops. They lived and thrived mainly off the land.

More missionaries, traders, colonists, and soldiers made their way into Canada from Europe and had a significant impact on the way the aboriginals live. The European impact changed how the native people of the land lived, forever. Many large numbers of aboriginal people died when they were exposed to the diseases that the Europeans brought with them. The natives faced such diseases for the first time and did not have any immunity to them. On the positive side, the European people and the aboriginals of Canada formed between them strong and lasting military, religious, and economic bonds throughout the first two centuries of coexistence. It was during this time that the foundation of modern Canada (as we know it now) took place