Chapter: Canada’s History

Topic: Canada’s first prime minister


Quiz - Canada’s first prime minister

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First Prime Minister of Canada

Sir John Alexander Macdonald, is the first prime minister of Canada. He was born on January 11, 1845, in Scotland. He first arrived in Canada as a child. He was known for his colour personality as well as his natural gift as a politician. Parliament declared that on January 11, it would be called Sir John A. Macdonald Day. His portrait appears on the $10 Canadian bill.

A key personality to Sir John Alexander Macdonald’s success was Sir George-Etienne Cartier. A key architect for Confederation in Quebec. Cartier was a Montrealer, railway lawyer, and a close ally of Prime Minister Macdonald. He was also instrumental in negotiating Canada’s entry to the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, and British Columbia.