Chapter: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Topic: Citizenship Responsibilities


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Citizenship Responsibilities

Rights guaranteed under Canadian law come with responsibilities. These responsibilities include:

Obeying Canadian law:

Canada is founded on the rule of law. Governments and individuals are regulated using laws and not through arbitrary actions. No group/person is above Canadian law.

Responsibility for oneself & one’s family:

Working and taking care of oneself and one’s family is part of Canada’s most important values. Working hard to maintain one’s abilities contributes to self-respect, personal dignity, and Canada’s overall prosperity.


The right for Canadians to vote comes with the responsibility of voting in local, territorial/provincial, and federal elections.

Service on a jury:

When called upon, you are legally expected to serve on a jury. This responsibility is treated as a privilege that helps the justice system work since juries composed of citizens are considered impartial.

Helping others:

The community benefits from millions of volunteers who donate their resources and time for free. Volunteering at a local school, helping those in need, volunteering at food banks, helping newcomers to integrate, or taking part in other charity work is a great way of supporting the needy as well as gaining useful skills, making friends, and getting contacts.

Enjoying and safeguarding the environment and national heritage:

Every Canadian citizen is expected to play their role in avoiding pollution and waste. Citizens are expected to protect Canada’s natural resources, culture and architectural heritage for the good of future generations.