Mind Map - Chapter 1

Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
Mind Map: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

1          Magna Carta

1.1         Signed in England in 1215

1.2         Known as ‘Greater Charter of Freedom.’

1.3         Magna Carta includes:

1.3.1                       a. Freedom of religion

1.3.2                       b. Freedom of speech, thought, belief

1.3.3                       c. Freedom of peaceful assembly

1.3.4                       d. Freedom of association

2          Habeas corpus

2.1         Right to challenge unlawful detention by the state.’

2.2         It comes from English common law

3          The Equality of Women and Men

3.1         1. Women and men are entitled to be treated equally

3.2         2. Right abusers, honor killing guilty, are severely punished under Canada’s criminal laws.

3.3         3. Cultural traditions have no mitigating influence in Canadian courts

4          Citizenship responsibilities

4.1         a. Obeying the law

4.2         b. Take responsibility for self and family

4.3         c. Serving on a jury

4.4         d. Voting

4.5         e. Helping others in the community

4.6         f. Protecting environment and heritage

5          Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

5.1         a. Mobility rights

5.2         b. Aboriginal peoples’ rights

5.3         c. Official language rights and minority language rights

5.4         d. Multiculturalism

6          Constitution of Canada

6.1         It was amended in 1982 to entrench the ‘Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.’

6.2         Begins with the words, “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.”

6.3         This phrase underlines the importance of religious traditions to Canadian society and the dignity and worth of the human person