Mind Map - Chapter 8

Canadian Symbols

1 The Canadian Crown
1.1 For over four centuries, Canada has been symbolised by the Crown
1.2 Our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who has been Queen of Canada since she came to the throne in 1952
1.3 The Crown symbolises many branches of government, including the armed forces, police services, judiciary, legislature, and Parliament

2 Flags in Canada
2.1 ‘Canadian Red Ensign’ has been Canada’s flag for about 100 years until 1965
2.2 The new Canadian flag was raised first time in 1965
2.3 The official Canadian Royal Flag is the Union Jack.

3 Parliament buildings
3.1 Buildings completed in the 1860s
3.2 Centre block was destroyed in 1916 and rebuilt in 1922
3.3 The Peace Tower, built to commemorate World War I

4 The Beaver
4.1 Hundreds of years ago, the Hudson’s Bay Company adopted the beaver as their symbol
4.2 The viva appears on the five-cent coin

5 The Order of Canada and other honours
5.1 Canada followed the British honours system for many years but began its own system in 1967 ‘Order of Canada’
5.2 Any Canadian can nominate a fellow citizen who they feel is deserving of an honour

6 Canada’s official languages
6.1 You must have adequate knowledge of English or French to become a Canadian citizen
6.2 In 1969 the Canadian Government passed the Official Languages Act

7 The Victoria Cross
7.1 Awarded for the most conspicuous bravery, a daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice
7.2 It is the highest honour a Canadian can earn
7.3 96 Canadians have won the VC from 1854

8 Popular sports
8.1 The most popular spectator sport in Canada is ice hockey
8.2 Canadian football comes second to hockey in popularity
8.3 The official summer sport of Canada is lacrosse

9 Coat of arms and motto
9.1 ‘A Mari Usque Ad Mare’ – ‘From sea to sea.’
9.2 In a coat of arms, there are symbols of France, England, Ireland and Scotland, and also red maple leaves.

10 The fleur-de-lys
10.1 Symbolised the French monarchy for over 1000 years
10.2 Adopted by the King of France in 496 CE
10.3 Quebec developed its own flag in 1948, which incorporates the Cross and the fleur-de-lys

11 The maple leaf
11.1 The maple leaf was adopted by French Canadian in the 1700s
11.2 They have been part of Canadian military uniform from the 1850s
11.3 They are incorporated into the tombstones of fallen soldiers